Refund Policy

  1. When returning a faulty product to FLK the customer will contact FLK via email or telephone before dispatch of faulty product to FLK. Ensuring have has confirmation from FLK to for you to dispatch faulty product back to FLK for inspection.
  2. FLK reserve the right to dismiss/refuse any claims of damage that are not covered by The Customer’s statutory rights. (FLK will offer no refund on livestock once has left FLK site)
  3. FLK may refuse to accept, replace, refund, repair, or otherwise act upon a returned product if any of the following apply.
    • Have no fault with them (FLK must be able to replicate fault once product has been sent back to us / will only be inspected onsite at customer address if installation completed by FLK during FLK service).
    • The fault has been caused by the customer misusing/ damaging the product in anyway or failing to follow manufacturer’s instructions in anyway.
    • The fault has been caused by any third party the customer has supplied the product to.
    • If the product is out of the manufacturers guarantee period the fault is not covered by statutory rights. If the customer returns an item that it is not our duty to act upon and/or is not covered by the statute, the customer must pay all carriage charges for getting the item to us and back from us. FLK reserve the right to refuse a return if it has not been returned by The Customer that purchased the product.
  4. FLK will make a “Re-stocking” charge of 35% of the original purchase price for items returned to us.
  5. When returning a faulty product to FLK the Customer agrees that they will include enough written information inside of the sent package and via email to enable FLK to contact you. This must include at least:
    • A working telephone number.
    • A valid return postal address.
    • Your account name if you have one and copy of original proof of purchase. (If Customer cannot locate must contact FLK prior to return of faulty item)
    • The fact that this is a return, a description of the fault and what you would like us to do.
    • Any returns sent to FLK without this information will not be processed and any possible return/refund refused as we will not have the details required to establish why the package has been sent to us.

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