Superdrum Combi Bio 100


Superdrum Combi Bio 100

  • The max flow rate is 50m³ per hour.
  • Moving Bed: 420 Liter (not included)
  • incl. Flushing pump Oase.
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Superdrum Combi Bio 100


The Combi Bio 100 has a premium build quality that makes this a great system. It can be entirely buried and can be used with pump-fed options, and has a max flow rate of 50m³ per hour. The Combi Bio 100 has a 4 inlets and 2 outlets, both at 110mm, allowing for the connection to skimmers and multiple bottom drains. A range of UV lamps can easily be fitted in the casing. (Moving bed system 420 litre not included)

Dimensions: 1940 x 836 x 973 mm

Additional information

Dimensions 194 × 83.6 × 97.3 cm

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