Pontec PondoVario 2500


Pontec PondoVario 2500

  • Strong delivery capacity from 2500 l/h at just 40 watt!
  • Removable fine filter slots for use as watercourse pump or filter pump
  • A second, separately adjustable outlet fur supplemental use of a spout figure or another water feature
  • Including 4 different water patterns
  • Including a stepped hose adapter for different hose sizes from ½’ (13 mm) to 1′ (25 mm)
  • Including thermal protection and 3 year guarantee!
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Pontec PondoVario 2500

Discover the fascination of dancing fountains and the versatile implementation of this fountain pump. The performance is convincing: 2500 l/h at just 40 watt!

With the pivoting telescopic extension on the ball joint, you can even align the fountain height to suit your preferences.
Perfectly suitable – always!

 Water pattern  Fountain height  Fountain diameter
 Vulkan  180 cm  180 cm
 Jets  100 cm  150 cm
 Bell  –  50 cm
 Chalice  –  45 cm

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