NT Labs Paramedic Kit


NT Labs Paramedic Kit

  • Active Ingredients: Rectified Oil of Cloves, Bee propolis 25% w/v


NT Labs Paramedic Kit

When to use?
When fish have cuts, abrasions or ulcers on their body. The Paramedic Kit has been designed to allow you to carry out basic first aid on your koi safely and hygienically to help fish recover as quickly as possible

It contains 6 components:

  1. 10ml Koi Calm: a sedative to make fish easier to handle (for use with koi only).
  2. 30ml  Ulcer Swab A wound cleaner and disinfectant.
  3. 30ml  Propolis Wound Seal an antiseptic, waterproof sealant to prevent bacteria reaching the wound.
  4. Pair of gloves: to maintain hygiene during treatment.
  5. 10 Cotton Buds: for applying topical treatments.
  6. Instruction Leaflet: contains advice on how to use the products within the kit.

How to use?

Ensure you have the appropriate equipment ready before catching the injured fish. This should include a container large enough to hold the fish during treatment.

Follow the instruction on the leaflet provided.

Treat the pond with Acriflavin after using this kit to reduce the numbers of pathogenic bacteria and to reduce the likelihood of re-infection of the wounds.

Feed your fish Medikoi Health and  Medikoi Probiotic  to aid their recovery by providing vital nourishment and high-quality nutrition.

Test your water quality regularly using  NT Labs Test Kits.

Do not use in hot, humid, thundery weather.
Do not leave fish unattended during treatment.

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