NT Labs Malachite


NT Labs Malachite

  • Active Ingredients: Malachite Green 1.0% w/v
  • Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre & 2.5 Litre
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NT Labs Malachite

Treats: Fungus caused by Saprolegnia.

When to use?
When fish have white growths on the body, head or fins, which may contain some green or brown discolouration. Malachite can be used in conjunction with Formaldehye to treat fungal infections more effectively.

How to use?

Test your water quality using NT Labs Test Kits.

Mix the appropriate dosage in a clean bucket of pond water, pour evenly over the surface of the pond and leave for 7 days. Switch off UV filtration until treatment has been completed. Aerate the pond well during treatment.

If you feel a repeat dose is necessary, check your diagnosis carefully,  a different medication may be more suitable. Allow 7 days and perform a partial water change before re-treating or treating with a different medication.

Always treat when you have time to observe fish and take appropriate action in the unlikely event of a bad reaction.

If required, mix with Formaldehye  prior to adding to the pond, following the instructions above.

Do not use with orfe, rudd, tench or sturgeon/sterlet.
Do not use if the water temperature is above 30°C.
Do not use in hot, humid, thundery conditions.
Do not mix medications, other than combining with Koi Care Formaldehyde.

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