NT Labs Clears Green and Cloudy Water


NT Labs Clears Green and Cloudy Water

  • Causes particles in the water to clump together
  • Available in 250ml, 500ml & 1 Litre
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NT Labs Clears Green and Cloudy Water


When to use?
When water appears green and/or cloudy. Magiclear causes particles in the water to clump together which can then easily settle out of suspension or be removed by the filter.

How to use?

Test the pH and KH of the water.

Aerate pond well e.g. fountain, waterfall or air pump. Conduct a partial water change (as much as is practical) before use, especially if the water is extremely green, like “pea soup”.

Switch off pump only if strong flow rate could prevent particles from clumping but remember to switch back on as soon as water clarifies.

Mix the correct dose in a clean bucket of pond water, then pour evenly around the pond.

Clean the collected particles from the filter after treatment.

Without a filter, some clumps may float and can then be removed using a net. Use when you have plenty of time to observe the fish and take action in the unlikely event of a reaction.

Do not:

Do not use when the dissolved oxygen may be low (e.g. at daybreak, in hot, humid or thundery weather, or within three hours of feeding).

Do not use if the KH is below 6 or the pH is below 7.

Do not use if there is nitrite in the water.

Failure to conduct a partial water change on extremely green water, like “pea soup”, may result in a rapid reduction in oxygen which could be dangerous to fish! For more information on this subject visit our knowledge hub.


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