Nexus 320 Plus


Nexus 320 Plus

  • Maximum Pond Size – 34,000 Litres
  • Recommended Flow Rate – 11,000 Litres/hr
  • Maximum Flow Rate – 13,000 Litres/hr
  • Volume of water in Nexus – 840 Litres
  • Amount of K1 Micro in EAZY Filter – 20 Litres
  • Amount of K+Media supplied in Bio Chamber – 100 Litres
  • Maximum Capacity for K+Media – 300 Litres
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Nexus 320 Plus

The Nexus 320 Plus and Nexus 220 Plus filtration systems from Evolution Aqua deliver dramatically improved levels of clarity for ponds. Building on the success of the award winning Nexus range this new generation of filters cleverly combine mechanical and biological filtration into one advanced filter system, whilst being incredibly easy to clean and simple to install.

Evolution Aqua have launched the Nexus 320 Plus and Nexus 220 Plus filtration systems. Building on the tried and tested technology that has been ever present in the world renowned Nexus, the team at Evolution Aqua have gone even further to enhance their number one Koi pond filter. The Nexus 320 Plus and Nexus 220 Plus filters now come with a new filter media called K Plus Media in the moving bed outer chamber for vastly improved biological filtration and faster filter maturation. The new Nexus Plus filters are also supplied “auto ready”, with factory fitted fixings already in place, making it even easier to upgrade to the Nexus Automatic Cleaning System.

All Nexus filtration systems can be installed on pump fed or gravity fed setups depending on your pond configuration. The Nexus 220 Plus is suitable for ponds up to 18,000 litres (4,000 gallons) while for larger ponds the Nexus 320 Plus can be installed on ponds up to 34,000 litres (7,500 gallons).

How the Nexus works:

The Eazy Filter

The Eazy is a stainless steel vessel containing a set volume of K1 Micro Media (20 litres in the Nexus 320 Plus and 18 litres in the Nexus 220 Plus) which is located within the inner chamber of the Nexus. After water enters the Nexus it rotates around the Eazy in the inner chamber with a downward motion allowing the larger solids to settle to the bottom of the chamber before passing through the slots of the Eazy into the static K1 Micro. The water flows from all angles through the K1 Micro where improved mechanical filtration and settlement takes place and fine particles are caught within the K1 Micro. The water then flows through the slots in the centre column and into the outer chamber.

Biological Filtration

The outer chamber of the Nexus contains the moving bed of K Plus Media. 100 litres of K Plus Media is supplied with the Nexus 320 Plus with the option to add an extra 200 litres of K Plus Media should it be needed. The Nexus 220 Plus is supplied with 50 litres of K Plus Media, with the option to add an extra 100 litres of K Plus Media if needed. This allows your filter’s biological capability to grow with your fish.

The outer chamber is where the final stage of biological treatment occurs. Biological breakdown occurs through different strains of bacteria living on the protected surface area on each piece of the K Plus Media. These bacteria convert Ammonia and Nitrite into harmless Nitrate. The amount of Ammonia and Nitrite produced in the pond is dependent on feed rates and the type of food used. For higher feed rates additional K Plus Media should be added into the outer chamber.

Air Pump Requirements

You can increase the biological capacity of your Nexus by adding additional K Plus Media into the outer chamber. You will however need to ensure that you have the correct size of air pump to enable the K Plus Media to move sufficiently.

Improved Mechanical Filtration

The new design of the Eazy enables the Nexus to capture solids more effectively than before. K1 Micro is used inside the re-designed Eazy helping to deliver improved capture of fine particles, delivering unrivaled mechanical filtration.

Improved Flow

The new Eazy features an improved pattern of slots in the stainless steel body which makes the filter more efficient. Water can pass through the Eazy through all sides and from below, much more effectively than before. This feature combined with the use of K1 Micro makes for improved flow rates through the entire mechanical filter stage.

Dramatically Improved Clarity

The Nexus 220 plus and 320 plus filter systems use two types of filter media to deliver optimum levels of clarity in your pond. K1 Micro is used in the Eazy to improve mechanical filtration while the new K Plus Media is used in the moving bed outer chamber, delivering the biological filtration.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

A key feature of all Nexus filtration systems is the sheer ease of maintenance. This still remains the case with the new Nexus 220 plus and 320 plus systems. The Eazy is simply cleaned by using a combination of the cleaning pipe, air valves and ball valves fitted to the Nexus, meaning you don’t need to get your hands dirty. The clear lid fitted to the Eazy also makes it easy to visual inspect the K1 Micro media.

Better Solids Handling

Inside the center mechanical stage of the Nexus, there is a much larger area for solid waste to be captured and to settle. This area can then be cleaned even easier than before ensuring the filter does not clog up with unnecessary amounts of waste.

Removable Eazy

All Eazy filters used in the Nexus 220 plus and 320 plus series can be removed if needed with the K1 Micro in place. This added feature is ideal when undertaking further maintenance.

Flow Rates

One of the factors that can have a significant influence on the general parameters of our ponds is turn over rate. This is the time that it takes for the total volume of the pond to pass through the filter system once. We recommend that for ideal performance a turn over rate of every 2 to 3 hours is found to be best.

Additional information

Dimensions 143 × 132 × 102.5 cm

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