AquaForte Superstrong FIX & SEAL 290ml


AquaForte Superstrong FIX & SEAL 290ml

  • Available in clear, black and white


AquaForte Superstrong FIX & SEAL 290ml

Superior-quality, all-purpose construction adhesive, sealant and sealant-adhesive based on MS-polymer.

Excellent bonding with 100% waterproof seal. Excellent sealing with high bonding strength. FIELD OF APPLICATION: for bonding, constructing and sealing of nearly every kind of material to nearly every kind of surface. Ideal for garden, pond and construction use.

Replaces various: acrylic, bitumen, butyl, silicone, polyurethane sealants. Replaces also wood-contact; mirror-tile; construction glues. It can be used under water. Not suited for PE and PP.

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