Pond Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance is a must for all ponds in order to maintain your ponds health and keep your fish happy. The maintenance programme varies depending on the type of pond, from assisting nature in managing a natural pond with no system to frequent filter maintenance in a fully filtered Koi Pond.

Maintaining a pond with a filtration system is frequently misinterpreted as unnecessary, yet the filter’s sole purpose is to keep the pond clean; we must then maintain the filter for it to function properly.

Our experience includes everything from cleaning and maintaining small domestic garden ponds to large aquatic features on commercial premises.

Pond Regular & One-Off Maintenance Service

If you want your pond to be fully maintained, hassle-free, we provide regular maintenance visits to take care of all the pond’s ongoing maintenance.

We can take care of:

  • Filter Cleaning and Liner cleaning
  • Water Changes and Chemical Treatments
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Plant And Fish Care
  • Pond Stock Control for both domestics or commercial ponds

We can provide either one-off service calls or you can sign up to one of our regular 3-monthly pond maintenance packages.

Pond Deep-Cleaning

If your pond has reached the point where a complete cleaning is required, we will completely drain, clean, and service your pond to get it back on track.

Flynn Lakes Koi

If you would like help or advice about our Pond Maintenance and Pond Cleaning Service in Cambridgeshire, we’d be glad to help. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is on-hand for expert advice.

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