Pond Construction & Refurbishment

Every pond is totally unique, we will help you build a bespoke pond that will match your garden, bringing movement and life to your outdoor space. Our knowledge of ponds design and construction will provide you with the appropriate filtration and pump system, pond lighting, aeration, planting, and an amazing assortment of fish.

We will collaborate with you from the start to ensure that your finished pond gives all of the benefits and is nothing short of spectacular. We’ve been called out many times to fix poorly planned ponds, so we understand how vital the early design step is in ensuring your pond is a pleasure to own and easy to maintain. We offer knowledge and guidance based on years of experience working with residential and commercial clients and helping them achieve the best results from their ponds and stocks.

Creating one-of-a-kind ponds

The construction of your new ponds can range from traditional to modern styles incorporating a variety of materials for effect (pebbles, gravel, stone etc) and specialised pond edging and flower for an ornamental style.

Whatever pleasure you gain from your feature, nothing beats a pond for relieving the tension of our busy lifestyle. From the initial design through to when we add the first fish to their new home, we are there to make your vision a reality.

Koi Specialists Cambridgeshire

We stock and supply a range of stunning, high-quality Koi from 3 inches to 30 inches along with other freshwater fish that will compliment your new or existing pond – We’ll advise on the best number of fish for the size of the pond and offer after-care advice if required. If you want to purchase koi from us, please visit our store to see our available range.

Pond Refurbishments

Our construction specialists carry out any reconstructive, restoration or refurbishment work that will give your pond a new life. When a pond nears its life expectancy, structural refurbishment work is needed in order to restore it to its former glory

We can help with:

  • Re-design and re-building of ponds and water features
  • Replacing edges of ponds, leveling and dressing
  • Repair and Replacement of Liners
  • Installation of Box weld Liner
  • Fiberglassing of Pond
  • Restocking of wildlife
  • Upgrading or Renewing Pond Equipment – pumps, filters, UVC units, fountains, lights and aeration units

New Pond Construction or Refurbishment

Each pond is distinct in terms of design, size, and stocking levels. Before an exact quotation for pond construction or refurbishment can be offered, we will need to survey your space or pond to discuss your needs.


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