Health Checkups

Pond Health Checks

Water quality is the most critical aspect in maintaining a healthy pond, especially if it contains fish, although the quality is not the same as clarity. Water that appears perfectly clear and sparkling is not necessarily good for aquatic life, any more than water that appears green and murky – however unpleasant – is definitely bad. When it comes to water quality, a little bit of expert knowledge is required, and the good news is that it has never been easier thanks to our expertise in pond maintenance and care.

We’ll visit your pond and test the water quality and provide recommendations to increase water quality or clarity. We’ll bring all of the tools needed to diagnose your pond’s health and any water quality issues.

Koi Healthcare Checks

Contact Flynn Lakes Koi if you have concerns about the health of your fish, or are concerned that you may have introduced a sick fish to existing stock. Our experienced Koi professional will assess and help treat any ailments with your Koi or fish stock. We have everything necessary, with professional treatments and expert knowledge!

Services offered

  • Pond and Water Health Diagnosis
  • Seasonal Health Checks
  • Koi Health Checks
  • Pond Maintenance

Additional services include recommending filtration needs, planting schemes, improving aeration and circulation, quarantine strategies for the introduction of new fish and recommending treatments.

Flynn Lakes Koi

If you would like help or advice about your Pond and Fish Stock Health in Cambridgeshire, we’d be glad to help. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is on-hand to offer expert advice.

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