Filtration & Pump Installation

Is the water in your pond brown and murky, and your filtration system is battling to keep it clear, and your pond fish are gasping at the surface? Whatever your issue, we are experienced in pond filtration and pump installation and can help you select the right unit for your Koi Pond.

Flynn Lakes Koi supply a range of high-quality pumps and filtration systems on the market from brands like Oase, Evolution Aqua, Konckney Koi, Filtreau and AquaForte. We also stock, supply and install pressurised filters, drum pre-filters, box and ScreenMatic filter systems.

We Stock Pond Filtration and Pump Systems in Cambridgeshire

We have a range in-store and those we do not stock in-store, are available on our website or we can order it for you.


Filtration & Pump Installation Service

Our approach aims to assist you in determining what you need from your pond, and then we can tailor a solution that best meets your requirements, as well as explain the requirements of all the various systems available. We don’t just install these systems and walk away; we actually have ongoing support with how they work and their maintenance requirements, and will only offer solutions that we would be glad to work on ourselves!

We offer a full installation service together with a fully qualified electrician to sign-off any domestic and commercial works that require electrical certification to the standard of BS7671:2018. We provide all our clients with set-up and after-care instructions they need to keep their pond crystal clear.

Flynn Lakes Koi

If you would like help or buying advice for our pond filtration or pump systems, we’d be glad to help. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is on-hand for expert advice.

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