Landscaping & Building Works

Landscaping Design Service

Flynn Lakes Koi provide a professional design service that includes a site visit and proposed designs with a budget. Our landscaping and building works can form part of a wider pond construction or refurbishment project or stand-alone.

Health Checkups

Pond Health Checks

Water quality is the most critical aspect in maintaining a healthy pond, especially if it contains fish, although the quality is not the same as clarity. Water that appears perfectly clear and sparkling is not necessarily good

Filtration & Pump Installation

Is the water in your pond brown and murky, and your filtration system is battling to keep it clear, and your pond fish are gasping at the surface? Whatever your issue, we are experienced in pond filtration and pump installation

Pond Construction & Refurbishment

Every pond is totally unique, we will help you build a bespoke pond that will match your garden, bringing movement and life to your outdoor space. Our knowledge of ponds design and construction will provide you with the appropriate filtration

Pond Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance is a must for all ponds in order to maintain your ponds health and keep your fish happy. The maintenance programme varies depending on the type of pond, from assisting nature in managing a natural pond with no system

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